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I have been blessed with the opportunity of working for the Lone Star Midwives since December 2010. I am a medical assistant working hands-on with the patients doing vitals, prenatal records, labs, nurse calls, and assisting the midwives with procedures. I always wanted to work in the medical field and enjoy my interaction with patients on a daily basis. I also have the opportunity to work with Ofelia and the midwives, who have watched me grow from being a patient to a co-worker. I started with the Lone Star Midwives as part of their teen pregnancy program at 17 years old. After such a great experience I was thrilled to join their team! I now have three children that keep me busy: Melany, Jasmine, and Antonio. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, working out, and hanging out with my kids.

Medical Assistant


I work with Lone Star's nurse midwives since 2015.  My experience here with them has been very enjoyable. The midwives are very kind and are amazing teachers. I am very grateful for all they have taught me. My husband and I are expecting our first baby, a girl, in August 2017.

Medical Assistant


Medical Assistant


I have worked with the Lone Star Midwives since 2004.  They are the most loving, caring, beautiful ladies. I have been married for 25 years to my life partner, Ernest. We have two beautiful children together; my son, Ernest Jr, 20, and my daughter Marisa.  My son went through the life experience of having a child at a young age. He loved the way the midwives treated him and our daughter-in-law during their pregnancy and labor — with such respect and tender loving care during our grandson’s birth. It was the best experience ever!  We also have 3 beautiful grandkids, with a 4th arriving in October 2017!

In my spare time I love to watch sports, see movies, listen to the radio, and play Guitar Hero. We enjoy family gatherings and barbeque on most weekends! Come and join our family at Lone Star and experience a life-changing moment with the midwives. 



I have had the privilege of being the receptionist for the midwives since June 2016. I didn't know what a midwife was till I started working with them, the midwives embraced me into their office and made me feel welcomed from day one. They have taught me so much within the time I have been there with them. I love working with the midwives they are so motherly and caring.

I enjoy spending time with my husband on my time off I also enjoy my time with my son who is a football player for high school we enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboys football games and Spurs games. 

I also enjoy spending time with my friends that I have gained while working at Lonestar they are like family to me. 

Medical Receptionist


I have had the privilege of being the midwives’ Medical Assistant since June 1999. Throughout the years I have worked in different specialties, including internal medicine, dermatology, cardiology, and gynecology. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to work with midwives. I always thought that midwives only did home births!I have gained so much knowledge from a great group of ladies who are more like family to me than just my employers. They have seen my four children grow and become successful adults. When 2 of my daughters decided to have children, their first and only choice was to receive prenatal care from the Lone Star Midwives. My daughters and their husbands felt so much love and comfort and always had their questions answered. The Lone Star Midwives delivered my three greatest joys – grandchildren Matthew, Mia, and Ava. I always look forward to spending time with them on the weekends. Maybe the future will have more joys like this for me! It’s very rewarding when I see patients return with new pregnancies, and as I greet them, they are happy to see that I am still working with the midwives!

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