Women's healthcare can be both preventative and problem-focused. As midwives, we are trained to listen to women's concerns and their perspectives on health. We offer you the most current evidence-based recommendations for medical treatments and help you create a plan of care that suits your individual needs. Patient education is always a component of midwifery care, and we will offer instruction as indicated by your history and physical exam. The nurse-midwives at Lone Star OB/GYN have full prescriptive privileges to treat most gynecologic conditions in accordance with their scope of practice granted by the Texas Board of Nursing.


Family-centered prenatal care will start with your very first visit. When you start your care with Lone Star CNMs, your first prenatal visit will include a complete physical and the pregnancy panel of lab tests, a urine or blood pregnancy test if indicated, nutrition and exercise counseling, a review of your complete medical, obstetric and family history, and/or a review of any transferred records. Spouses, family members, friends, and/or your children are welcome at all prenatal visits, according to your preferences. The CNMs will closely monitor the progress of your pregnancy, teach you, and answer all of your questions about nutrition, exercise, travel, pregnancy and birth decisions, and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy. Your second visit with your midwife will follow in two weeks and will include a review of your lab results and an initial sonogram if indicated by your first examination and/or history. Subsequent visits will occur at four-week intervals until the 28th week, and then at two-week intervals until week 36, then every week until delivery. More frequent visits will be scheduled as indicated. A routine sonogram will be scheduled for all patients around the 19th week of pregnancy. The sex of your baby can be discovered at that visit, and many of our patients enjoy bringing spouses or family members to share that moment. A DVD of the sonogram will be made for you at your request. Childbirth and breastfeeding classes will be encouraged as you progress through your pregnancy. As you near your delivery date, you will be encouraged to formulate a birth plan and share it with us, and we will discuss and answer all your questions or concerns about your upcoming delivery decisions and requests.


During your postpartum time (the six weeks following delivery), we will continue to be available to you. In the hospital, we are on call for any problems that might occur and will visit you daily to ensure that you are progressing optimally. St Luke’s has a number of Lactation Consultants to help with breastfeeding, and we encourage you to seek their assistance during your hospital stay. Most of our patients will go home approximately 24 hours after their baby is born. Follow-up visits will take place in the office at two weeks and six weeks following birth. Assistance with breastfeeding (including outpatient referral to a professional Lactation Consultant), management of the discomforts of postpartum, assessment of normal postpartum progress, and family planning options will be a part of your care.


We deliver babies exclusively at St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital in San Antonio. During your labor at St. Luke’s, we will continue the continuity of care that you received throughout your prenatal course. The midwife on call will be there with you as well as any family or loved ones who will be a comfort and help to you during your labor and delivery. Your midwife will encourage you to move about during labor to find the most comfortable position for labor. A walk in the hospital corridor, in your room, a shower, relaxing in a rocking chair or the bed, or finding a position of comfort on the birthing ball are all options. You are encouraged to bring music, aromatherapy scents, your favorite pillow or gown to optimize your comfort during this special time. AtKim the moment of birth, our focus will be on helping you to achieve the most satisfying and healthful birth possible. Many fathers will reach out to actually catch their baby once the midwife has safely delivered the head and shoulders. Our goal is to allow you to experience the miracle of your birth together and to intervene as little as possible while ensuring a safe delivery for you and your baby. If your labor becomes one of the few that requires specialized assistance, one of the Lone Star Ob/Gyn doctors is always on call and readily available as needed. Obstetrical anesthesia is available 24 hours per day and seven days per week at St. Luke’s, as are neonatal specialists and newborn care, should that become necessary. After delivery, our goal is keeping mother and baby together. Your baby will be placed directly on your abdomen for skin-to-skin contact after delivery, if you desire. Keeping mother and baby together will continue in your postpartum course as baby moves with you from your labor and delivery suite to your private postpartum room.

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